Upgraded Badass Care Package

Upgraded Badass Care Package

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A Supersized Care Package!

  • Upgrade to Regional A - Increase your Care Package from a Small Flat Rate to a Regional A!  Almost 4x as large a box! 

  • Ask for extra bacon! (The cotton kind, unfortunately) 

  • Gives you the option to order batteries, TFV8 coils, or a mod (extra charges for the batteries, coils, or upgraded mods)  - Many bases ban lithium ion batteries and packages that contain them will be refused. If you order batteries and your package is returned to us, we cannot resend them.

  • If you order Tobacco or Menthol you will get a mix of Tobacco/Menthol and either fruit or dessert.  We do not have a lot of either, and it's typically all 1 or 2 flavors. So let us know if you want fruit or dessert in your mix in the notes at checkout.  

Batteries are AT YOUR OWN RISK. A LOT of bases are refusing packages with lithium batteries in them, and they're getting returned to us. If you order a package with batteries and it gets returned to us, we will charge you for shipping again. So check first on what the rules are for your post. 


If you need any other kind of coils, just ask in the notes during checkout.  We typically have coils for older tanks, and give those out free.  But the TFV8 coils are new, and not donated, we buy them so that you can purchase them at little more than cost. 


If you are requesting a mod to start with, make sure you let us know how much you smoke in the notes at checkout.  We typically start people at 12 or 18mg depending on how much they smoke, so when you order 3mg and request a starter kit, it is confusing and takes more time to email you and find out what you really need.


The image does not guarantee flavors or brands. It only shows a variety of stock on hand when the image was taken. All products were donated by their respective companies or distributors.